Services is a trading style of City Energy Network. We are experts in cavity wall insulation and its extraction. Using specialist equipment we can extract damp or defective cavity wall insulation with minimal disruption to your home.


Why extract cavity wall insulation?

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Why extract insulation?

Why extract cavity wall insulation?

Cavity wall insulation extraction is carried out for a number of reasons.

Flood or water damaged insulation

Standard cavity wall insulation materials can absorb and retain flood water and lose their insulating properties or disintegrate over time.

Wet or saturated cavity insulation can cause misery, upheaval, disturbance, and financial hardship associated with prolonged drying out and temporary family accommodation over many months if the saturated material within the cavities of walls is not promptly removed after the flood waters recede.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI), DEFRA, DCLG and the Environment Agency recommend rigid closed cell materials as these stay in shape and absorb less moisture.

Fire damaged cavity wall insulation

As well as the damage caused by fire itself, the high volume of water used to extinguish the flames may also water-log the cavity wall insulation causing similar damage to that of a flood, describe above.

Defective insulation material

Some of the early types of foam insulation material can break down and release toxic gases. Early installations of foam insulation were not covered by the same stringent BBA certification licences as modern insulation materials.

Poorly installed cavity wall insulation

Cavity wall insulation that has been poorly installed can result in damp and condensation issues.

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CavExtract is a trading name of City Energy Network Limited. We carry out cavity wall insulation extractions throughout England, Scotland and Wales in partnership with many local councils and private landlords.

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City Energy Network Limited is registered in England and Wales under registration number 07889412. Our registered address is Coptic House, 4-5 Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff, CF10 5EE. Find out more about City Energy Network Limited on


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